Monday, May 24, 2010

Final Review of the Samsung lcd led television

My final review of this t.v is an absolute delight! For the people that can afford this t.v go for it! i have no doubts it will be one very good purchase and you will have many years of enjoyment until the new and more advanced t.vs come out to the public, but to tell you the truth this will blow your mind, with a PS3 or a blue ray player in 1080p resolution with a 5000000 to 1 resolution you can not beat this package enjoy the fruits of your labor with a new Samsung LCD. LED.


The difference between the LCD and led t.vs are not that drastic, of course the 1 inch thickness of the led t.v is amazing, but in terms of picture and quality they are relatively the same, my advise to consumers out there would be to just buy the LCD samsung version and you can have fun and enjoy almost just as much as the LCD led television at a fraction of the cost.

Is 46' inches too big of a t.v?

I thought the 46" would be a little too big for an apartment the size of a small studio, but the touch of color design you get with this t.v makes it all worth while, it really accents any room you put it onto, any color or shape room this t.v manages to fit perfectly in conjunction with any other furniture in your household. looking at the Sony bravia as we blog.

Any experience samsung?

Who has the expertise on working on these televisions? i would like to get into some sort of educational field in this type of business, electronics may not be my best subject but it seems that people working on these type of LCD led technologies is making a substantial amount of money. my dream continues :)

Samsungs quick response

I just got the call i was waiting for from the samsung tech! very friendly customer service indeed, he was Right to the point in asking what was the issues with the t.v and very promptly said he was going to order the necessary components to fix the television, once again samsung has managed to impress me with not only their products but their customer service.

Frustrated Samsung owner

all in all I've tried everything known to man to fix this t.v , Lines are still vertically going through my t.v changing into random colors as we blog. still waiting for the samsung technician to call to stat the healing process to finally get to enjoy my samsung once again :(

Playing with the settings

Ive been extremely frustrated trying to fix the t.v on my own by adjusting all the settings imaginable on this television which is almost infinite. I even tried to unplug it from the outlet source and reconnecting it and still no success, any insight would help!